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40 Karat   
40 Karat Semi-Dry White Wine - A wonderful buttery semi-dry white wine similar to a Chardonnay but with a lot more flavor. It’s a jewel! Made 100% from carrots. Excellent with shellfish and spicy foods.
Product Code: W01
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Florida Banana   
Florida Banana Florida Banana Wine - Made 100% from bananas, this is THE wine for banana lovers! Absolutely tremendous with scallops, Tilapia and pork loin.
Product Code: W01a
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Black Gold: Semi-Sweet   
Black Gold: Semi-Sweet Semi-Sweet Blackberry Wine - This one takes blackberry wine to the appreciation level that all specialty premium fruit wine should have. Made from a different variety of blackberries than our dry Black Gold, it’s flavor and bouquet provide the fresh, crisp taste and aroma of fully ripened summertime blackberries.
Gold Medal winner, Indiana State fair.
Product Code: W03
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Blueberry Blue: Semi-Sweet   
Blueberry Blue: Semi-Sweet Semi-Sweet Bluberry Wine - The best sipping wine that has a gold medal to prove it. Made 100% from Florida Blueberries... 3 boxes per 750ml bottle! Great with lamb, game, salmon and cheesecake!
Gold & Silver Medal Winner.
Product Code: W04
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Florida Dry Blueberry   
Florida Dry Blueberry Dry Blueberry Wine - Like a good Cabernet? Try this great dry blueberry and you won't have to fantasize about "hints" of blueberry in its taste! Dry enough for the "dry wine drinker" but enough flavor and taste to appeal to everyone. Great with steak!
Product Code: W04a
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Blueberry Blue: Sparkling   
Blueberry Blue: Sparkling Sparkling Bluberry Wine - Celebrate with the blues! Now the best Florida blueberry wine ever (Blueberry Blue), sparkles with even more flavor sensations! Unique to Florida, our effervescent Florida blueberry wine has been taken to a "bubbly" new level.
Product Code: W04c
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Cherry Red   
Cherry Red Cherry Wine - Not too dry, not too sweet. This gold-medal winning wine has a great bouquet and flavor. We cannot tell a lie. Serve with chile, steak, roast beef, burgers, BBQ chicken and amaretto cheesecake.
Multi Medal Winner, Indiana and Florida State Fairs.
Product Code: W05
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Coco Polada   
Coco Polada Orange, Pineapple & Coconut Wine - Our orange, pineapple and coconut wine made especially for that tropical feeling so essential to our “Jimmy Buffet” state-of-mind. If you like piña coladas, sunsets, beaches and great tans, this wine is for you. A party for your mind and senses every time you pour a glass!
Epcot 2003/2004 selection.
Product Code: W06
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Cocoa Beach   
Cocoa Beach Semi-Sweet Orange & Chocolate Wine -For the “chocoholic” in all of us. A blend of semi-sweet orange wine and rich chocolate. The result? An explosion of chocolate flavor in one of our most popular wines. Perfect after dinner cordial.
Bronze Medal Winner Indiana State Fair.
Product Code: W07
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Crackle Hammock   
Crackle Hammock Grapefruit Champaign - Crackle Hammock Grapefruit. This traditional sparkling semi-dry Brut wine is perfect for toasting that special occasion.
2004 Silver Medal Winner!
Product Code: W08
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Crackle Hammock   
Crackle Hammock Tangerine Champaign - This sparkling wine is a semi-dry brut with a hint of mimosa. Perfect for the holidays and celebrations..
Product Code: W09
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Eleganta Semi-Sweet Red Raspberry Wine - If you like red raspberries, you’ll love this double silver medal winner. Twirl it, smell it, sip it and swallow. Your taste buds will love it. A truly memorable wine with casual or elegant dining. Highly recommended for weddings and parties.
8 Medals, Indiana State Fair International Competition.
Product Code: W10
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Festiberry Cranberry Wine - No holiday is complete without this fresh, crisp cranberry wine. It will enhance the flavor of your favorite holiday foods...especially the traditional meal at Thanksgiving and Christmas of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy!
Gold Medal Winner Florida State Fair, 1999.
Product Code: W11
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Florida Grapefruit   
Florida Grapefruit Made with 100% fresh-squeezed Florida Pink Grapefruit Juice. This light, refreshing table wine is great with salads, sandwiches, pizza seafood and lamb.
Gold Medal & Best of Show - Florida State Fair 2003. Concordance Gold - Indiana International Wine Competition 1998, Silver Medal 2004. Epcot Selection 2002/2003.
Product Code: W12
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Florida Sunset   
Florida Sunset Pineapple Wine - Exotic, tropical and somewhat mysterious, this wine stimulates your taste buds as no other. Experience the flavor of fresh pineapple with that slightly sweet/tart finish. Serve with all your tropical dishes. A perfect marinade with garlic and soy; great with ham.
Best of Show, Indiana State Fair 2003/2004.
Product Code: W13
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Florida Fever   
Florida Fever Passion Fruit Wine - Made 100% from our finest Passion Fruit juice! Tart and bright, this wine pairs well with any food. A great wine to have with any meal that features seafood or has a main entree with a sauce.
Silver Medal 2007
Product Code: W14
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Honey Wine   
Honey Wine Orange Blossom Honey Wine - Made with Florida special Orange Blossom Honey! Honey wine is sometimes called Mead, and ours is the sweetest and best tasting of them all! Like Florida honey? You'll love this wine!
Product Code: W15
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Hot Sun   
Hot Sun Spicy Tomato Wine - A very smooth dry white wine with a slight tomato taste and a hint of peppers. Feel the warmth...a delightful surprise. Serve with crackers & cheese, nachos, enchiladas, oysters, salads and bread. Use in cooking for a gourmet touch.
2003 Silver Medal winner, Indiana State Fair
Product Code: W15a
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Key Limen   
Key Limen Key Lime Wine - Nothing says “Florida” more than Key Lime. The flavor of old Florida is exquisitely captured in our specialty key lime wine. Close your eyes, sip, and you will believe that you have been transported to a dock in Key West on a balmy summer afternoon. If you like margaritas, you will love this wine.
Feature wine at Epcot 2001. Concordance Gold Indiana State Fair.
Product Code: W16
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Mamma Guava   
Mamma Guava An adventurous taste of pears, strawberries and pineapple with a lemon twist. - This wine is a great tropical companion for meals featuring our Florida seafood. It makes food flavors explode.
Product Code: W16a
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Mango Mamma   
Mango Mamma Made from fresh squeezed mangos, it's a semi-dry to semi-sweet wine with the undeniable taste and bouquet of fresh Florida mangos. It's ideal with any seafood dish. Serve with some chunks of mango in the wine glass for that special tropical touch!
Gold Medal - Florida State Fair 2003/2005/2006/2008. Gold Medal-Indiana International Wine Competition 2003-2006. Epcot Selection 2004-2008. Best of Show WOS 2007.
Product Code: W17
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Midnight Sun   
Midnight Sun Orange & Coffee Wine - Like Orange juice? Like Coffee? This one’s for you! Our delightful “Orange Sunshine” wine is aged with aromatic fresh roasted coffee beans for your sipping enjoyment. Extraordinary! It’s not just for breakfast anymore.
Silver Medalist at Indiana State Fair.
Product Code: W17a
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